Why does the stone need sealer?
A: As we may know granite is a natural and porous material, on which water, oil, and other substances can penetrate and leave a stain. In order for your brand new kitchen to preserve its color and look as it did the first day, upon finishing the installation, we go ahead and pass a layer of industrial sealer. This layer of sealer will help with preserving its color. As your kitchen Countertop fabricator, we recommend you once a year pass another layer of sealer, this will help with maintaining its color and beauty. 
Frenquently Asked Questions
Why do the countertops have seam or seal?
A: Unfortunately, the raw material depending on which granite you choose, comes with different measurements. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the granite you choose, we take a look at your design, and work to the best of our ability, to try to always make the seam at middle of the sink. The reason being is that you'll only see 3 inches in the front, and 3inches in the back, which is better than looking at a seam of 24 inches. Seams happen because the material its either not long enough or wide enough. 
What needs to be ready before I acquire my countertops  ?
A: Before acquiring your countertops, your cabinets must be fully installed. You must already have purchase the Sink and Faucet, as well as, stove or cooktop. 
How long will it take for my countertops to be fully installed?
A:Once the granite color has been selected, as well as the edge finish, we will once again go into your home to take the final measurements and create templates if needed. Once, the templates of sink( if you didn't purchase one from us) and cooktop have been provided, it will take about a week to fully install your kitchen. 
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